Open multiple connections to different MongoDB servers

MongoDB Connection Manager


View your MongoDB database as a hierarchical tree consisting of databases, collections, indexes and users

MongoVUE tree hierarchy


Peek at db and collection stats at the click of your mouse

Database Stats


Add new databases and collections easily through the GUI

Create new MongoDB database


Easily build indexes – either specify Json or use the point and click (visual) interface

Create MongoDB index visually


Run Map-Reduce operations easily. Get syntax highlighting for your Javascript functions while typing

MongoDB Map Reduce


Import relational data from MySQL, SQLServer or PostgreSQL into MongoDB automatically and start building your applications right away

MySQL data import


User Manager – add / edit / change password



Export your data (documents) to CSV, MS Excel or Json formats

Export your documents


Get a quick overview of your database



Use a highly customized and specifically designed interface for GridFS

MongoDB GridFS options dialog


Monitor the performance of your production servers under “Server Monitoring” view

Monitor MongoDB servers


Learn MongoDB shell commands as you use different views in MongoVUE

Learn Shell commands


Copy collections from a database to another database (on a different or same server)



Duplicate or create copies of collections